What supplies do I need to start my painting journey?

blog Jul 20, 2020

Hi everyone! Want to know what supplies you need to get started on your journey to learn how to paint?

Here is the right place!! I am going to show you exactly what supplies you need to get going and start painting. So if your brand new painting or you have no idea where to start, this is for you! 

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1. Mixed Media Paper

This is great for you to get to paint a lot and don't occupy a lot space in your house. It is like big sketchbook for painting. Mine is an 9 x 12 and it has a lot pages. I really get to enjoy and I have all my paintings in one place! Also saves you money!

If you are just training to make a tree, or a flower or simply a brush stroke that's a good place to do it. 

Many of us have a huge expectation when we start and believe will be a perfect fast journey. Juts like in everything in life we need to practice to get where we want to be. It's going to take practice and steps to get there. We need to break it down and get to know your supplies and practice brush stokes, pressure, so a mixed media pad is your best friend and will be great to have with you all the time. :) 
2. Canvases  
A lot people have the misconception around canvas thinking that this is an expensive part of the supplies to start painting, but in really not. You can get great cheap packages around Amazon. Don't buy the expensive stuff yet, wait until you feel more secure. They are already primed. and ready to go.  
I use two main sizes for most of my artwork. My favorite sizes are 9x1211″x14″ and 16″x20″. If you want some additional sizes you can add work with them later in your journey. To practice  I have been using 9x12.
 3. Brush Cleaner
 I have used a lot different ones all these years, but this one is my favorite!   You will have to wet your brushes, swish them around on the hard soap and rinse them. It helps preserve and condition your bristles as well!
4. Brushes
 It can be a little complicated when you first go to a Art Supply stores to start your brush collection. I have bought many different types of brushes trying to figure out what I like best. A few things I want to see when I go shopping ...
Is this a good price, how much should I invest while I am learning?
What are they made of?
Are these brushes natural bristles or synthetic?
Are these brushes for acrylic painting?
Ok, ok I know its a lot, but we will talk about this now!
We have a lot choices for sure, the first thing you need to know about acrylic paint brushes, is that you want synthetic bristles. They are the ones to get it because you do not want natural hair paintbrushes when you’re painting with acrylics. Because they don’t hold the paint the way that you need them to and the acrylic paint damage the natural bristles easily too. So synthetic are the ones!
5. Easels
Not everyone likes to paint with easels, some artists like to paint flat on the table. So try both and see what you like best.
 So here are some links for supplies for you to start without spend a lot! :)


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