You want to learn to paint, but don't know where to start? 

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What you will get?

2 New Live Monthly Painting Lessons

Each month you get access to visually inspiring lessons designed to nourish and motivate your creative processes, with full access on-demand for as long as your account is active. Lessons do not expire, as long as your account is active.

Private Community Family

A safe place Community to share and encourage, with critiques and regular interaction from Bella providing tips and guidance. Bella is one of the only online teachers who responds to all her students on  the group, so rest assured your teacher is here to help you, every step of the way!

Studio tip videos, how to's tutorials, LIVE classes & Challenges!

Get a new videos every Monday  spotlighting the best tools and tips from a professional Art Studio!

Simple method!

At Art Club you just need simple supplies and follow a simple method, without break the bank, you can get supplies from us or get your own (Just 3 brushes and 5 colors)!!!

More than 30 videos to watch now!

Between classes, Live videos,, challenges & tutorials start to watch now and learn everyday!

First month supplies!

When you sign up, your first month supplies will be on us! You just have to pay shipping of $9!

Maybe you are wondering...

I can't even draw a stick figure. 

I've failed at painting before on my own, how will this be different?

I don't even know what supplies to get.

I have never even held a paintbrush before, can this really help?

The Art Club is the perfect way to learn how to paint and continue to learn each month!

Cultivate your creativity all year long, through every season, with bold color and lessons that never expire for as long as you’re a member. Are you looking for inspiration, motivation, and full-length acrylic painting videos that share hands-on information every step of the way?


A little about me

I have been teaching painting to thousands of people just like you for the past 7 years! 

Over 90% of the people that start painting with me have never painted before.

I am going to teach you the secrets of choosing the right brushes and paint colors so you walk away with a painting you can be proud of. 

I will help you tackle those limiting fears by breaking paintings down into small doable steps that anyone can do!

Each month you will get 2 livestream classes and video tutorials that will break down into easy to follow steps!

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$39 per month!!

Bella is taking her most popular paintings from her online gallery and surprising you each month with 2 new, fun live classes that you can access 24/7 after purchase! 

Art Club Monthly Membership

Art Club Yearly Membership

$308 annual fee

Students are saying…

"I'm going to share this with all of my friends, I never thought painting would be this easy. I always thought it would be way more difficult, but Bella makes it so easy!"

My husband and I did a glass painting workshop. Bella was great. Beautiful personality and very down to earth. We had a great time!

I never made a painting in my life.  I did not know how to hold a paintbrush, and there are several ways in which this can be done! Bella has been teaching me for a while now and every time I finish a painting I stare at and still can't believe I am doing this better and better every time!!!

Here’s what you get in The Art Club:

  • 2 Live lessons every month 
  • How to’s and tutorials to learn
  • New painting lessons, LIVE Challenges, easy and advanced videos step by step for you every month!
  • Monthly Q&As and Critiques
  • A teacher who shares every color and recipe she’s using!
  • Cancel or pause any time
  • A library of resource with more than 35 videos
  • Your own private Facebook group and Club family
  • Beautifully designed lessons that don’t expire
  • Lesson pages that are easy to navigate
Yes! Sign me up please!